At Syndicate Strategies, we embrace the motto, “Team work makes the dream work.” That’s a perfect description of how our staff collaborates to help our clients achieve their marketing and advertising goals.

Each one of us has very eclectic backgrounds and experiences. And one might think that given such a wide-ranging assortment, all the parts might not work well as a whole, but the opposite is true. When we come together, this diversity delivers a spark of energy, vision, and ingenuity that explain our agency’s dynamic atmosphere and remarkable spirit (not to mention the success we help our clients achieve).

We are a wonderfully varied bunch. Where else can you find the following under one roof: a gold-winning record producer for Boyz II Men and Patti LaBelle; the creator of a toy line for a national retailer; a computer-science engineer, a published illustrator; a producer and marketer of award-winning films; composers of an original New Age music album that has sold in over 15 countries; an actor who has appeared on stage and screen for over 20 years; a music-video producer and religious blogger, a real-estate mogul, political junkie, and “cosplay” costume designer who sculpts her own props and sews prize-winning outfits; a carpentry hobbyist who is also an award-winning filmmaker; jack of all trades who hails from the Poconos, starting a career as a political operative for years traveling PA, mastering the weird, wild, world of auto sales to now finding a home in the advertising arena; an adventure seeker who thrives off land and sea voyages, a lover of music, and an MBA graduate of University of Delaware; a shark bite survivor, vintage car enthusiast, and a video game champion who can scramble and solve a Rubik’s cube in under 20 seconds; an All- American Volleyball player who holds her schools record of 1,000 career kills and digs, and spent three years bartending at a club, which was formerly a prison; a television news producer for one the nation’s largest and fastest-growing news station, an adrenaline junkie who enjoys skydiving, zip lining, and shore excursions (regardless of being allergic to salt water); and a longtime guitarist who once acted in a low budget indie movie and has the YouTube sensation “Chocolate Rain” as one of his social media followers.

Some think too much diversity isn’t a good thing. What we have found, however, is that it makes for a talented, creative group with well-honed skills, technical expertise, and business savvy. Furthermore every team member has a passion, commitment, and laser-like focus to delivering top-quality work for all of our clients.